Malcero is a wayfarer and Keeper of the Fourteen Mischiefs


Malcero is a mage who studied the great Mischiefs(think of them as Con moves using magic) under Helgamind the Beguiler, Master of the Fifteen Mischiefs. Helgamind once used his trickery to steal into the bed of a king’s wife, but his power did not extend to the fooling the king as well. So died Helgamind before Malcero could learn the final Mischief.

Malcero now travels the Never Realms in hopes to master the final Trick. Often he finds his way into situations of far more import than he can bargain with. He has knowledge of much and many things, though lacks the guiding wisdom to make proper use of it. He, like many the many hedonistic Mischief Masters before him, cares only for material gains.


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