Thagra the Vile

Foul smelling warrior of the Red Wastes. Unloved by all...?


Lord of the endless Red Wastes, Thagra rules over a kingdom of one, only himself. His prowess with a great-axe is legendary, many regard besting him in battle to be one of the 13 great challenges. Of course, he remains un-bested.
Born of the last tribe of desert wanderers, he is the only surviving member of their culture. Hair a jet black, and skin a leathery hide, his eyes are sunken pits that give little clue to his intentions. Some say that he erected the Keep of Bones single-handedly, a structure as large as any civilized castle. There he resides alone, awaiting challengers brave enough to trek across the Red Waste, to ultimately fall to his blade.


Thagra the Vile

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