A living mountain, occasionally takes on a human form.


Common myth in the Moonfall valley is that the great Mt. Syno, on heavily clouded days, takes on the shape of a normal man. This, of course, is false. Syno cares not if it is cloudy or fully sunned, Syno does as he pleases.
Usually appearing as a craggy, snowcapped single peak, Syno stands vigil over the inhabitants of the Moonfall valley. When in man-form, he appears to be nealy 7 feet tall with a massive beard and mane of earthy brown hair, flecked with white. He is almost always nude and his skin is as hard as stone. He enjoys tests of strength, such as wrestling matches, and is inhumanly paitent. He once held a man in a full nelson until he died of starvation and decomposed.



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