The Wilderman


Grollthock is a short and sour tempered man of the Sinden Wood. For trade he guides those with enough coin to their desired location. Even locations ranging far from the boarders of his home wood. Grollthock is well traveled and older than most suspect. No one knows his country of origin.

He stands short of stature at only 5’6" but he is stocky and well muscled. His beard is close cropped to his square jaw, his black hair is thinning in the front, this he also keeps short. He dresses in pelts from wolves he’s killed and hard boiled leather to protect himself from the ones he hasn’t.

With him always is his Great Axe, Shearil. He knows a few useful spells for surviving in the wild, and more importantly he has a vast knowledge of the herbs and plants that prevent danger and heal damage from dangers unpreventable.



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