Master of the Sixth Blade


Gallegon carries a cursed magical blade that once belonged to a demon. The blade thirsts constantly for blood and ever lusts to commit evil deeds. All who lay eyes on the blade covet it and attempt to take it by any means necessary.

Gallegon resists the blade’s evil compulsions by sheer force of will, instead uses its dark power for good. He keeps it hidden, wrapped in cloth and only uses it when the direst of need arises. Otherwise he uses a simple sword given to him when he was but a soldier.

The Sixth Blade is one of 9 swords forged in the Realms of Hate to be used in a ritual for fusing the Hate Realm to the Realm of the Living. The ritual was thwarted part way through by an Angel named Metrios sacrificed himself, shattering 8 of the 9 blades in the process. The Sixth Blade was saved only because its demon master saw Metrios coming and removed his blade from the ritual chain.

The spells failure created a 100 mile dead zone where no life can take root. This dead zone destroyed the old Kingdom of Wesmock, leading to a mass exodus of it’s people, where they settled in the mountains nearby and created the new Kingdom of Wesmock. The Demon master of the Sixth Blade ruled over the dead zone for decades, amassing an enormous undead army. The New Wesmock warred constantly with the Demon, and eventually he was killed by a large alliance of the living kingdoms. His Sword was never found.

Even with his death, the undead rose in the dead lands of old Wesmock, and so New Wesmock guards the lands so that no evil may escape it. Gallegon was a simple soldier of Wesmock on his first ranging of the dead lands when he found the Sixth Blade by fate or accident.

The evil sword bonded with him instantly. If he were to leave the sword for too long it would magically destroy him from any distance. The Blade grants him amazing power, based on the life it has absorbed. With the Sixth Blade in his hands he can move with uncanny speed, and the blade is capable of projecting laser-like pulses of molten fire.



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