A gruff but well-meaning soul. Master of Dondorac Tower.


In his youth, Arn Forehorse was brash and outspoken. He showed early aptitude in the feilds of thaumatology, and was enrolled into the magical college of Farno. Immediately he ran into trouble. The stuffy, formal nature of magical study did not suit Arn’s blunt and impaitent manner. He openly called his proffessors oafs, louts, blowhards and fools. Arn only showed respect to those he felt were doing a proper, no nonsense job. This endeared him to few, and he found it difficult to study in this environment.

So, one night, he stole away with a few spell scrolls, and took out into the world. If he could not be schooled, he would be his own proffessor!

In the next few years, Arn learned much about the world and about himself. He gained many practical, hard lessons in relationships, combat and dungeoneering- but few in magic. What he could glean from hermit mystics was only getting him so far, and Arn was growing impaitent.

In his 53rd year, he learned of the legends of Bartle and his tower, Dondorac. Instantly, Arn knew he had found what he’d been seeking. Facing the many dangers, and earning a few scars along the way, he made his way to the tower. Solving the magical puzzle lock, he gained entry, but was shocked to find that in the library, chained to a podium, was a young woman. She claimed to have been left there by bandits and begged to be freed.

Suspicious of her story, but trusting his own instincts, he let her go. He knew there was more to his girl than met the eye.



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