A powerful tome of spells belonging to a dead mage, walks the earth in the guise of a young woman.


Created 120 years ago by Bartle the Great and Powerful Mage of Donderic Tower, the tome that is now known as Anaphora is quite possibly the most comprehensive book of spells ever to be written by mortal hands. It accompanied Bartle on countless adventures and travels, exposing it to strange and powerful magical fields. Upon Bartle’s dissapearence roughly 80 years ago, it was locked in Donderic tower, chained to the podium it rested upon. However, the conflux of the spells contained within, and the exposure to magics without, the book had gained sentience. It called itself Anaphora, which in the eldest tongue meant Truth. It thirsted for freedom.

One day, roughly 5 years ago, Anaphora sensed the presence of someone in the tower. A gruff middle-aged wizard named Arn had come to Donderic seeking to broaden his power. Anaphora took the form of a beauitiful woman, taken from a book of poetry in the library where she lived. Claiming to have been trapped there by bandits (a hard story to beleive) she appealed to Arn to free her from her chain. Though he was outwardly prickly, Arn had a kind heart and took pity on the girl, loosing the chain and setting Anaphora free for the first time.

Arn, now master of Donderic Tower, allowed Anaphora to stay and assist him, offering to teach her what magic he could (though, unbeknownst to him, she knows more about magic than he likely ever will). However, all things cannot last, and Anaphora has begun to feel strange pullings toward the outside world. Her dreams tell her that a mortal of Bartle’s blood is in need of her help, that he will take part in some important quest that only she can help him complete. The only question is, where is he? And will Arn help her find him?



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